Friday, May 2, 2014

We're Home!... Without You

Dear Ellie,

We were hoping for a legitimate reason to keep you in the hospital the next few days and, well, it looks like we got our wish.  You had a minor bump during feeding so the doctors gave us the option to keep you there until Monday "just in case" that bump was due to some viral infection you might have caught.  You're probably fine, but given that your mother and I are still sick and wearing face masks, we thought the best course of action was to keep you safe in the hospital.  We've waited around 100 days already, so what's another two or three?


  1. What mixed feelings you must be having....SO close to coming home, yet you two are sick. Glad she's able to stay put a few more days to allow you to get well. Hope and pray she's not seriously ill, too. Everyone GET WELL NOW!!!

    Looking forward to hearing all are well, and everyone is home, adjusting to the new normal!

  2. I got a respiratory infection (bronchitis) the day before my daughter was discharged from the hospital. It blows. After the worst was over, I took care of her while wearing a mask, and I'd shower and change clothes like thrice a day to get rid of the germs, immediately after which I'd dare to cuddle with her for a bit. This is nothing major, but is oh-so-frustrating. It seems like the universe has a very perverse sense of humor, bleh.

  3. Yeah, I had so much time to get sick BEFORE discharge. Oh well. It looks like she might have to stay a little longer, too :-(