Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First Winter

Dear Ellie,

My favorite time of year has finally arrived: that four month stretch where the sun lumbers along in the south, too beleaguered by 8 long months of trekking up the center of the sky.  The trees cast long shadows, making it seem as though every hour were in the evening.  As though all day were the end of the day, when our worries wind down and invite moments of reflection.  Cold fronts blow in, blowing away too the mosquitoes and heat and humidity.

We've made liberal use of the cool weather, though if the stroller proves too cold, I bundle you up inside of the Ergo, close to my chest, and take you on early morning walks just the same.  You peer out all the while, looking hard at each new thing before moving on to the next.  Sometimes you'll twist around and gaze back at me, your expression shifting from wonder to familiarity, before you turn once more to the strange surroundings of your first winter.  Oddly, with you here, it feels almost like its my first winter as well.  The same way that the cold seems to add a sheen of "different" to a landscape, you've done the same for all things in my life.    

Here you are, bundled up for a morning walk.

Of course, Winter in Florida is actually quite verdant compared to other temperate climates.  So much so that we actually have a winter harvest!  The first crop of green beans just arrived from your Grandma Smith's garden.

Mmm... fresh green beans!

When I was a kid, I never had issues eating my greens.  Why would I when there were so many fresh vegetables, ready to be eaten right off the plant?  The same would appear to be true for you!

      You may not have teeth yet, but you have already shown
an enthusiasm for green beans!...

 ...And lettuce!

I'm sure that as Winter progresses, I'll start to look fondly ahead to all the things I missed about summer.  There are, after all, trips to the beach and sloshing in the pool to look forward to!  Still, our first Winter together will be one we will relish. 

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