Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Holiday Gauntlet

Dear Ellie,

A few weeks ago, you had your first Thanksgiving.  At first, you weren't happy.  I suspect it seemed like any other day, but with a lot more noise and a lot of extra unfamiliar faces.  At least a dozen unfamiliar faces... yep, we had 24 people over for Thanksgiving.  In case you were wondering, this is what the eating accommodations for 24 people looks like:

And then, those tables occupied:

The plan was for you to make a splash with the remaining relatives who hadn't met you, but it didn't go so smoothly.  Instead of giggling for aunts and uncles, you cried and cried and cried upstairs in the nursery until you fell asleep from exhaustion.  I cried and cried also.  You cried because of all the confusion, I'm sure.  I cried because someone had to stay with you during all of your hysterics and I was certain that there would be no more turkey upon my arrival back downstairs.  After the nap, our dispositions both improved and we both forgot what we'd been so upset about.  There was yummy mashed sweet potato for you and plenty of turkey remaining for me and I promptly fulfilled my personal goal of always eating just a little bit more turkey each year than I had the previous.  With our bellies full,  you set off on your charm offensive.


I thought that hosting so many people for Thanksgiving would be hectic, but it wasn't so much.  Aside from tackling a mountain of dishes with Aunt Dani (the dishwasher broke that morning), I thoroughly enjoyed myself along with everyone else, babies included.  Maybe it was the turkey coma, or maybe it was the fire in the fireplace, but it turned out to be just the kind of quiet enjoyment of each other's company that I always hoped our holidays would be.

But the "holiday season" isn't over yet.  Especially not for you.  First it was Halloween, then it was Thanksgiving, and pretty soon it will be Christmas.  A month after that, it'll be your birthday, too. Some people would get worn out by that kind of extended, lengthy holiday gauntlet, but if you are anything like your mother (and me!), it'll be your favorite time of year.  We just got our Christmas tree the other day and you are already enamored by it.

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