Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Laundry Accident

Dear Ellie,

I'm afraid there has been a mix-up with the laundry.  It was completely my fault.  As usual, I was trying to do too many things at the same time.  In an attempt to get all the chores done and keep on top of work, I thought I'd change your diaper while also doing the laundry and texting with customers in preparation for work the next day.  In retrospect, it was a recipe for some kind of mistake.  I propped you up, diaper undone, on the dryer which is directly next to the laundry machine.  I don't know what exactly happened, but your little pale body must have rolled right on in with my colored shirts and pants when I wasn't looking.  You didn't even cry because all of that soft laundry was probably nice and comfortable.  So I shut the laundry machine door, started it up, and only then did I realize you were missing.  It didn't take me long to notice, but the damage was already done.  By the time I opened the door and fetched you out... this had happened.

Now I understand why your mother always reminded me to remove the lint from the lint filter.  And why she always told me never to wash colors with whites.  I hope someday you'll find it in your heart to forgive your careless, distractable father.


  1. Are you trying to give people a heart attack? Holy smokes! I'm glad she just turned out pink and fluffy.

    1. Hee hee, yes, well, I suppose sometimes my sense of humor can be a little bit off :-) When I write these letters I'm always imagining Ellie reading through them and, of course, she'll be perfectly fine when she does so I sort of imagined her reading this and thinking, "Oh my gosh, Dad, did you really drop me on my head or something?!"

      There is something stomach churningly, gut wrenchingly cute about that outfit though. It's also really handy for cold days. When I carry her around in it, it REALLY does feel like I'm lugging around a bear cub or Ewok.

    2. She is so adorable & she has come SUCH a long way!!! A good friend of mine just had a 1 lb 11 oz baby girl. I gave her a link to your blog so she could read about some of the ups and downs she may face & see that there is a great chance for a happy ending!!