Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bad Habits and Angelfish-Head-Syndrome

Can you see the resemblance??

Dear Ellie Angelfish,

I'm afraid we've spoiled you a little bit.  You've always preferred sleeping on your belly, hence the budding nickname, "Ellie Belly."  Whenever the nurses put you on your side or back, you don't breath as often, your heart rate goes up, and everything in general becomes just a little bit worse.  Before your lungs had improved, we used to butt heads with some of the nurses because they would insist that you needed to be on your back and sides more often because your legs would become bowed and your head would look a little funny if left on your belly for too long.  Personally, we were a little bit more worried about, you know, oxygen getting to your brain and all that.  We relented whenever it looked like you were doing better, but before long, your blood oxygen and breathing got so erratic that you invariably were back on your belly in no time.

Unfortunately, we can't let you stay on your belly for too much longer anyway.  Aside from getting bowed legs and "Angelfish-Head-Syndrome," belly sleeping becomes a major risk factor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when you get older.  Now is the time to break bad habits, given that your lungs look considerably better than before.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if you contracted Angelfish-Head-Syndrome.  "Ellie Angelfish" has a certain ring to it and it would be fun to tease you whenever we go snorkeling.  "Look Ellie, it's your cousin!  A queen angelfish!"  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, on the other hand, is kind of scary, so I guess its time to break the belly sleeping habit.

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