Sunday, March 23, 2014

Still Flying

Dear Ellie,

It's been 3 days now off of the ventilator, and so far there is no major sign that you are wearing out.  No heart rate crashes, no big desaturations, no fast breathing, no backpedaling on your oxygen needs...   I'd say you are just about where you were when you started on CPAP three days ago which, for the first time, is actually a good thing.  The more you challenge your lungs, the more they'll grow stronger.  Still, Sunday isn't over and the weekend curse still prowls.  I'm watching the clock, celebrating as each minute ticks by.


  1. Ellie looks like she's laughing in the top picture. So far so good, and we're all lifting you folks in prayer. Can't wait to hear she's made it through the weekend with flying colors.

    1. She was chowing down on some milk at that moment, so I'd say she was pretty "milk-stoned." As soon as they feed her through the tube and the milk hits her stomach, she starts suckling like crazy. Irresistible.