Friday, March 21, 2014

The Most Terrifying Micro-Preemie Condition Of All...

Dear Ellie,

Today was a scary day.  Just moments ago, you began exhibiting symptoms of the most frightening micro-preemie condition of all: Metamorphesis PrairieDogpathy.  It's a rare condition, but one in a thousand micro-preemies are known to inexplicably turn into prairie dogs.  Your mother first noticed evidence of this tragic condition when she heard a peculiar "barking" sound coming from your isolette.  Now, we're more on edge than ever before.

The nurse insisted that the sound we heard was, in fact, not actually barking but instead, "hiccups."  I replied: "Psssssch, sorry ma'am, I've done my research (on Wikipedia.)  I think I know my daughter.  And she's turning into a prairie dog."

I suppose I need to accept the outcome, whatever it may be.  Prairie dogs are pretty adorable and they are definitely a step above cats in my book.  Perhaps we can come to accept, and find peace, in whatever the outcome might be.