Saturday, March 29, 2014

Set Backs Happen

Dear Ellie,

Today your breathing was somewhat concerning.  At times, it was rapid fire.  Your little chest was pounding in and out so fast that you were almost at 3 breathes a second for a short period of time.  Your mouth was agape, tongue hanging out, eyes wide open and staring.

There was some mention of the fact that your nose was irritated during a suction while we were out eating dinner (remember, oxygen is delivered through nose prongs) and when we noticed the suction disposal bin a minute ago, it had a disturbing amount of dried blood inside.

As a result, your respiratory needs were cranked up considerably.  They aren't as bad as when we took you off the endotracheal tube 9 days ago, so we have something to show for the past week, but set backs happen I suppose.  Damn you, weekend curse.    

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