Sunday, March 16, 2014

Your Mother is Behind Every Letter

Dear Ellie,

Daddy might be at the helm of "Letters to Ellie," but its only fair to mention that your mother participates in every letter, too.  As a matter of fact, she's probably revising this letter as we speak!  She's always been my industrious little editor.  My critic... and my slave driver.  She never lets a day go by without a letter being written.  Since friends and family are reading your letters for updates on your condition, everyone starts calling and texting her whenever no news arrives within a 24 hours period.

"Write a letter already so people stop calling me!" she'll say.  Lovingly.  Which reminds me, I should mention that you are doing reasonably well this evening.  Your heart rate came down a bit and your breathing has somewhat normalized, and you are almost 3 pounds!  Etc. Etc.

What's more, your mother makes sure that each letter is of the highest quality.  "You used a word too many times in one paragraph, you'd better fix that," she'll say.  For example, this sentence right here had the word "sentence" written three times and she recommended that I take it down to two, for example.

She'll also recommend that I write a gushy, emotional letter if there has been too many "status update" style letters so that I don't bore you.  At times like that, I know she's right, and I can't stop thinking of the day when we can take you home and make real our dreams.

And because I write like a wierdo (I don't write things from beginning to end, but I'll write random parts then stick them all together after I'm finished), sometimes I forget certain pieces and they get pushed down to the bottom of the letter and don't appear to make any sense what so ever.

So please just know that we both love you immensely, and between every line that your father has written, there is the red ink of your mother, too.

I like strawberries.  They are delicious.  Do you like strawberries too, Ellie Bellie?  Ellie, Ellie fo fellie banana nana fo fellie, it's--- ELLIE.


  1. I like strawberries, too...and fathers being gushy and sweet. Happy to hear Ellie is doing well! Hoping to read more good posts.

  2. Thanks Panda! So I clicked on your blog and noticed... nothing there! Have you thought of penning a few posts yourself?

  3. Enjoying a cautious sigh of relief after reading this post.

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