Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bye bye, Ellie-phant ears

Dear Ellie,

This letter is all about your ears.  The first important bit of news involves your hearing.  Since you were given antibiotics for your infections on a number of occasions, there was an acute chance that your hearing could be damaged or even gone all together.  Your mother and I wrung our hands for awhile because you didn't seem to respond much to the wailing babies and ear piercing alarms around you.  Just recently though, you had your hearing test and it appears that your hearing is just fine!

Oddly, I hadn't looked at your ears for months until just yesterday.  I still remember in the days after you were born, your ears were like elephant ears.  They had almost no form or structure of their own and when you laid on one side for too long, your ears would roll up into little burritos.  The nurses had to unroll them in order for them to grow in properly!  Somewhere along the way, however, your little elephant ears became real ears!

Seeing them appear on you like that, fully formed, made me look at the rest of you in relation to what you once were.  Now, at 5 pounds, I'm amazed by how much you've changed.  I remember your eyes used to be fused shut.  Your body was a featureless, translucent, veiny mass.  Your butt was completely flat.  Your arms and legs were twigs.  You didn't have a single bit of fat on your body.  Ten weeks ago, I couldn't possibly imagine you as you are now.

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