Monday, April 28, 2014

Off the O's for Good

Dear Ellie,

This time, it really is official...  no more oxygen!  For about a week, you bounced on and off the canula but as of 3 days ago, you came off and haven't looked back!  So with eating and breathing out of the way, nothing remains between you and home!  The date is set: this coming Friday.  Unfortunately, as if on cue, I got sick this past Saturday before the baby shower.  It's been 3 days since I've seen you and it may be longer.  Your mother has kept her distance too just in case she catches it from me.  It's hard being away from you and your mother, but pretty soon we'll have all the time in the world together!                  


  1. Whoo hooo!!! Friday! What an exciting time ahead! Dana should be well by then, Rani should stay well, and you'll all be home together! Yay!

  2. AWESOME SAUCE!! So very happy she is doing so well. Dana sending prayers and positive thoughts for a VERY quick recovery. Friday can't come fast enough. Ellie, this is an almost welcome to the beautiful outside world........your mission, be the light!

  3. Hate people who say "I told you so", but I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!! Ellie has beaten all the odds and she is going to finally go home with her awesome parents. I told my grandaughter Kairi about Ellie and some day I would like her to meet her. Congrats on Ellie coming home....


    1. Yes, I've been told so and glad of it :-) And yeah, I'm sure our Ellie would be very happy to meet your Kairi one day, too!

  4. That's a wonderful news :) So heartwarming to see you, especially the serenity in your face. God bless little one !