Friday, April 11, 2014

The Longest Trip You've Ever Taken

Dear Ellie,

For the past 10 weeks, POD 1 has been your home.  Being part of the NICU 3, it meant you were still in a "critical" state and needed intensive care.  Yesterday, that finally changed.  You were unplugged from the wall and your crib was wheeled away from the space that's been your residence since the day you were born.

You took a 20 meter, 30 second journey over to the NICU 2.  It's the furthest you've ever traveled.

You arrived at POD 6, which doesn't look all that different than the POD that you just came from.

In all reality, the move itself didn't change anything.  For you, it was symbolic.  The NICU 3 is for babies that are unstable.  Babies that can have bad things happen to them at almost any time.  The NICU 2, on the other hand, is for babies that are on easy street.  The "feeders and growers" as they are called.  Bad things can still happen to babies in the NICU 2.  They can backslide or get sick or remain there for some time, but being in the NICU 2 tends to suggest a big, important thing about babies that arrive there: they are on their way home, soon.


  1. NICU 2!!! What a great step. Happy to see her move over there!

  2. Yay Ellie! I would have played pomp and circumstance while they were rolling you down the hall. Proud of my niece!

  3. Movin' on up!! Keep it up, Miss Ellie! We want to see you move on home soon!

  4. Yay I told you she was a shaker and a mover! She's beat the odds, watch out world Ellie's coming!!!!!


  5. Thanks everyone! Unfortunately, I wasn't actually there when it all went down :-( She actually had a really hard time around the time that they moved her because they had just done her eye exam, they took her off of oxygen during the move, and she got a giant shot of water in her nose by accident from the high flow canula. Anyway, she's recovered and is charging forward as we speak.