Thursday, April 3, 2014

Parental Rivalry

Dear Ellie,

Your mother often voices her concern to me that you'll love me more than her.  "You write her all of those pretty letters but I can't!" she says.  She's also worried that she'll become the harsh disciplinarian and I'll be Captain of Fun.  This concerns me, because its never good for a family to have this kind of rivalry between parents.  A child should never have to answer the question: "Which parent loves me most?"  With this in mind, I've decided to write you a poem that will put this uncertainty to rest.

Mommy makes you breakfast,
And Daddy makes you lunch,
Mommy gives you kisses,
And Daddy gives you hugs,
Love isn't a competition,
But just in case you're keeping score,
Just remember one small thing,
Daddy loves you more!

Who hides all the pieces,
When you break a special vase?
Who let's you bounce off all the walls,
When you're a basket case?
You never should have any doubt,
Or wonder, "Who dad adores?"
Just remember one small thing,
Daddy loves you more!

Who always gives you candy,
When Mommy takes away dessert?
Who kisses all your booboos,
When horseplay makes you hurt?
Who comes up with fun time,
When Mommy gives you chores?
Just remember one small thing,
Daddy loves you more!

Yes, your mother fought hard,
Through fever and despair,
To keep you safe inside her,
While I played solitaire,
Perhaps your mother did her part,
So alas, it must be true,
Okay, so I admit it...
Mommy loves you, too.


  1. Read this to Winona earlier. She got a kick out of it. "Dad's are always more fun. They don't have to do any work." Hmmm....