Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Four Pound Club

Dear Ellie,

Today you joined the four pound club.  But that's only half of the good news.  You made another great stride on your respiratory support.  Now, you are on high flow canula, but even now, your oxygen requirements are only a few points above the oxygen percentage in the atmosphere so the high flow isn't even really doing much for you.  The next step is low flow and then you're off oxygen for good!  That means you'll be able to finally start learning to eat from a boob and a bottle instead of a tube to your stomach.  We still don't know how you'll react when you get your first gulp of milk, but we're inclined to think that you'll do well... you just need to remember that you can't breath and eat at the same time!


  1. Ellie by the picture I can see you have really turned a BIG corner....for you are now getting bigger than all of the apparatus that once confined/hid you yet kept you alive!! And now, as anyone can plainly see ....YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ;)

  2. Hi Dana and Rani,
    I have been keenly following Ellie's progress over the last few months, and am amazed at how good she looks so so happy for you both......really admire your grit and resilience in bringing her up to this point.....amazing!

  3. Yipee. Soon you'll be calling her hunk of chunk!


  4. Thank for for the wonderful comments, everyone! She has turned a corner, indeed. The only thing standing in her way is a little bit of oxygen and learning to eat by bottle!