Sunday, April 6, 2014

Climate Control

Dear Ellie,

For the past few months, you've been unable to regulate your own temperature.  This is a universal problem for tiny preemies.  As a result, the isolette has maintained your temperature for you.  Every three hours since the day you were born, we've taken your temperature to make sure that you aren't getting too cold or too hot.  Any deviation from a narrow window caused problems.  That's beginning to change now.  With any luck, we'll be moving you out into an open crib like a proper baby.  As of now, the top on your isolette has been "popped," leaving you exposed to the atmosphere  This is rather nice because it means I don't have to reach through two cramped portholes to stroke your forehead, anymore.

It's amazing how my perception of you has changed.  You used to be this fragile, untouchable thing.  Now I have no qualms with touching you or holding you close.  You were nearly featureless before and looked almost exactly like all of the other 24 weekers that came into the NICU.  Now I'm seeing nuance in your face: tiny dimples and little rogue hairs and small splotches of dry skin.  Like before, though, you seem to never stop moving.  


  1. Love this picture of Ellie! Such a precious, sweet tiny bundle. May the good news continue. Any chance she might go home this month??

    1. There have been some whispers that she might come home this month. If that's the case, it would be a month before most 24 weekers are released. We're talking only quietly of it :-)

    2. My students were cheering for Ellie today. In her own crib now and doing so well. I have this picture of her on my desktop at school, and they come into class each period looking for it and asking for updates.

      Ellie is becoming our "school mascot" of sorts for March of Dimes. They are posting her picture each day this week with a little blurb about her size so the children can see. They are also getting excited about the March of Dimes WalkaThon on April 26. if you want to join the Hidden Oaks team! Maybe some friends...I think you'll be too busy! lol