Monday, February 24, 2014

The Smith Skinny

Dear Ellie,

I was a bit nervous coming in this morning because when you were weighed last night, you had lost 3 ounces, leaving you at 1 pounds 14 ounces.  Yikes.  I was simultaneously relieved, though, because all of that extra swelling was the result of excess fluid, I just wanted to be sure that all of the weight loss was the result of fluid purge rather than some other dubious variable.

I think we now have a pretty good baseline of where you ACTUALLY are as far as weight is concerned.  Looks like you hadn't hit 2 pounds, after all.  I never thought I'd feel this way, but I find myself wishing you hadn't inherited the Smith Skinniness.      


  1. I have been thinking of you all and praying for Ellie even when I don't get to the blog for updates. Glad to hear she seems to be beating the infection! And that excess fluid is so tricky when you are trying to figure out if they are gaining real weight!

  2. Well, the good thing is, she seems to have a good smith appetite so perhaps she will make up for it fast. Also I imagine there was some benefit to that fluid gain during the infection. Now that she is healing, there isnt need for it. Sounds like she was healthy enough to fight through it. Infection or no infection i was really surprised to hear she had hit 2 pounds. Keep up the good work Ellie! Earn that nickname bottomless pit like your Aunty!

  3. Thank Little Hassels and LITTLE sis. It looks like Ellie bounced up over 2 pounds again tonight.