Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What Care Bear Will Be Your Favorite?

Dear Ellie,

On your incubator is a blanket with Care Bears, their arms stretched wide, ready for hugs.  Strangely, it happens to have all three of the bears that I, your Aunt Andrea, and your Uncle Zack had when we were kids: the yellow Sunshine Bear, the purple True Heart Bear, and the Pink Rainbow Bear.  Can you guess which one was mine?...  Noooooo.  It wasn't the pink Rainbow Bear!  Why does everyone always... never mind...

I had Sunshine Bear and he was my favorite Care Bear when I was a kid (and the very best bear in Care-A-Lot, in my humble opinion).  He was bright and irrepressible.  That, and wherever cynicism and negativity reared its ugly head, he'd obliterate them with his belly-beam of optimism.  Aunt Andrea had True Heart Bear.  True Heart Bear was the cofounder of Care-A-Lot, which is an admirable achievement.  And what was metal head, Uncle Zack's favorite Care Bear?  Which one was his as a child?  That's right.  Rainbow Bear.  While Sunshine Bear was an optimist and True Heart Bear was a leader, Rainbow Bear was a, uhm... I don't know... a social justice pioneer?

Anyway, Uncle Zack loved Rainbow Bear with all of his heart, until he decided that Rainbow Bear didn't reflect well on his budding male adolescence.  One day, I found Rainbow Bear (and his stuffing) jammed underneath a dresser.  It was like something straight out of Edgar Allen Poe.  I felt very terrible for Rainbow Bear and tried to pull him out, but I was too small at the time to free him.  So instead, I doubled my love for Sunshine Bear and promised him that I'd never forsake him.  And you know what?  To this day I'm not afraid to admit to the world that Sunshine Bear kicks ass.

What Care Bear will be your favorite?

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