Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Three Hundred Ellies

Dear Ellie,

Last night there was a behemoth of an Respiratory Technician on duty.  He's the one responsible for making sure that the endo-tracheal tube in your throat is clean and that your respirator is functioning properly.  His frame was massive and his hands were as broad as footballs.  He reached into your incubator, pumped your airways out, and adjusting your position.  He must have been at least 300 pounds, and with his hands next to you, I had a strange thought.  At least 300 wiggly Ellies could fit inside that man.


  1. I saw that man! He was big! He was like a big bear taking care of Ellie :)

  2. It was pretty hilarious watching his big beefy hands daintily moving her wires around.