Friday, February 7, 2014

The Good News is You'll Never Do Heroine

Today was a bit scary.  Yes, it looks like your ductus arteriosis closed with the treatment which is good, but we still can't get a cathetar or PICC line into your veins.  You're a hard stick, like your Mom.  They tried to tap into one of the juicy veins on your leg today, but they were unsuccessful at doing so.  There is still the nuclear "neck" option, but its more dangerous than I thought and the doctors don't want to take that risk.  So now, they are waiting.  The longer we leave the bionic umbilical line in, the more likely it will become infected.  And that probably won't take too long if we leave it there much longer.

I don't see how you could possibly grow big enough in the next few days to actually provide them with a more viable vein, but they are the professionals.  On the upside, we won't ever have to worry about you becoming a heroine addict.  You'll never be able to find a place to shoot up.

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