Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Boobs of a Champion

Dear Ellie,

Your mother is sick again.  Her infection comes and goes.  There is some pain in her abdomen, but that’s not really the pain that troubles her most.  As long as she has a fever, she can’t come to visit you, and I can't imagine how terrible that must feel for a new mother.  She says she feels like a bad parent for being away, but she doesn’t have a choice.  In truth, there isn't much we can do anyways but sit and watch.  At least, that's true for me.

Your mother actually does have a role to fill.  She may not be able to nurse, but its critical that she provide milk.  In this regard, your mother's mammaries are quite admirable.  Uh, I mean to say, her boobs are impressive.  Er, I mean...  okay, let me start over...

When a baby comes so soon, its very common for mothers not to produce any milk at all.  There are so many babies here in the NICU that go straight to formula, as result.  This is unfortunate, because breast milk is very, very important for a micro-preemie.  It helps prevent the disintegration of intestines, infections, and is generally just a superior form of nourishment.  They weren’t expecting your mother to get any milk for some time since you came so early, but she started producing in abundance on the very first day.  This is almost entirely due to your mother's determination.  She wakes up many times late at night, even when she feels like she's on fire, and starts pumping.  Needless to say, she’s got the boobs of a champion.  Were there an Olympic Track and Field event for boobs, your mother's would get a gold medal.


  1. Hi!I am a Spanish mom... I had a difficult fist months pregnancy -happy end pregnancy. Now I am a breast milk donnor... let me translate and publish your letters to encourage moms share their breast milk. Loves.

    1. Thanks for visiting Elena! And sure, do whatever you'd like with them! Let me know if you need any help with it, too. My Spanish isn't as good as it used to be, but I do know how to work my way around HTML! Just pop me an e-mail if you need some assistance.

    2. I have published in catalan... "celebrating" the international breastfeeding week. Thank you very much for sharing.
      Love for all your family!

    3. Very interesting. Thanks!