Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Had a Dream That You Were My Laptop

Dear Ellie,

I have a peculiar sleeping condition where my dreams bleed into reality.  If you are reading this, then you probably know by now.  When I'm under a lot of stress, I wander back and forth between sleep and wakefulness, unsure of which world I'm actually in.  Last night, my laptop was sitting at the foot of the bed.  I was dreaming that it was you, but you were bigger, not so frail, so I slid to the foot of the bed and began wrapping at your belly with my fingers as though they were keys.  You giggled and wiggled your arms with every keystroke.

I didn't get to be with you for very long.  My mind glided slowly toward wakefulness, and you were replaced by a black frame and a blinking blue light.


  1. The night after Ellie was born I had a dream that I came to visit her in the NICU. When I walked over to her and held her for the first time I looked down at her and she morphed into a little grey kitten. She was still hooked up to a lot of wires but she was starting to break loose from them and I looked around nervously as this little kitten was squirming out of my lap in a playful fashion. I thought "I don't know if this is safe, her being so tiny and fragile" but she seemed fine and when I looked up everyone in the NICU was gone. .
    I also had a dream immediately preceding this involving Grandma Eleanor. I was back at the old house on Singer Island and I was helping her move out. She had all her boxes packed up ready to leave and we carried the boxes out of the house while she spoke of "the good old days."
    At first I thought these were bizarre dreams (especially the first), but I think you can see the hopeful symbolism in these dreams. Love you. Thinking of you Dana, Rani and Ellie.
    Love, Sis

  2. Thanks sis. What a funny dream. I'm not supposed to say this, but Rani sort of had a dream like that one time. Back when we were still trying to achieve a pregnancy and Rani was becoming concerned that she was becoming a crazy cat lady because we had accumulated a third feline.

    "That's it," she said. "No more cats."

    Well, she had a dream not long later where she was pregnant with twins. She was elated. We were finally going to have a family, she thought. However, when she finally gave birth and the doctor showed her the twins, they weren't little babies, but instead two more cats!

  3. Ha, this is funny stuff. I have that same "grandma" dream all the time. Except with mine, it's usually us trying to keep her in the house rather than her moving out.