Thursday, February 6, 2014

Poopy Production Line

Dear Ellie,

Today was our first "hands on."  A "hands on" is basically a designated time for handling micro-preemies.  Because you and others like you are so fragile, contact is kept to a minimum except for these short, designated times.  These moments are always a bit scary because even the gentlest of contact causes you pain and distrupts your vital signs.  They change your diaper, take your temperature, adjust your wired and tubes, etc.

This has been the exclusive job of the nurses.  Until now.  I just watched your mother change your diaper and it was utterly nerve wracking.  Every time she wiped you pooped, so she had your legs dangling in her hands for a good 30 seconds.  It was like a poopy production line.  All the while, your heart rate spiked, your oxygen levels tanked, and I never stopped biting at my finger.

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