Saturday, February 8, 2014

Light Through the Fog

Dear Ellie,

Oh, I forgot to mention yesterday that we saw both of your eyes open!  Not a lot, by the way, just two groggy, little black orbs through slits in your eye lids.  What was strange was that instead of me looking down at you, I saw it through your eyes, looking up at us.  And what did I see?  Well, my wish to perceive things in a romanticized way was overruled by my impulse to see things rationally.  I know that your eyes and occipital lobe are too undeveloped to see much more than vague hues of light.  So no, I didn't see the smiling faces of your mother and I.  Instead, when you peeked into the world, it looked like a burst of light through the fog.

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