Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Getting Your Way

Dear Ellie,

You are never satisfied until you get your way.  You've got this thing about sleeping on your belly.  When you do, all is well, but when you aren't on your stomach, you flail your arms and legs furiously, furrow your brow, and cry silently until the nurses relent and put you back on your stomach.  All of this commotion, of course, is bad for all of your vital stats.

Most of the time, this isn't really a problem, but today you needed a blood transfusion.  While they had the line in your arm, it was necessary to keep you on your back for about 5 hours and man, did you throw a tantrum.  When the dust had finally settled and they plunked you back on your belly, you'd taken more than a few steps backward with your respirator progress.  Oh well...

I suppose you have a few reasons to be cranky.  Your lungs are "crackly" from fluid buildup and your weight has been very bipolar.  You shouldn't be losing and gaining 10 percent of your body weight from one day to the next.  Your eyelids and chin are visibly swollen.

Let's hope it's nothing to worry about.   

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