Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Things That Happen in the Night

Dear Ellie,

Today, like every day since I learned about your lung infection, I sat outside of the NICU door at 8:59 A.M. before the NICU was open and wondered in what direction you went during the night.  Will I come in and find you sliding further into illness?  Or will I check the respirator stats, the metric of your progress, and see that your lungs are stronger than the day before?

Today I walked in and as always, I squinted from afar at your vitals monitor.  Saturation normal.  Heart rate normal.  Good, but not very meaningful.  Then I came closer.  Checked your oxygen settings: better than last night.

Sigh of relief.


  1. Are they treating her with any medication? (Just out of curiosity). We're thinking about you three. Hang in there she's a strong little lady. Love you
    Aunty Andy

  2. She is on one antibiotic, which I suppose is good because if the infection was really bad, they'd treat her with 2 or 3.