Thursday, February 27, 2014

Never Pass Up a Free Meal

Dear Ellie,

There are a host of things we worry about in here.  Brain bleeds, infections, lung deterioration, necrotizing intestines...  So far, you’ve dodged plenty of potential problems, with the exception of your lung issues.  There is one thing that you haven’t just dodged though.  Something that you’ve excelled at: your appetite.

Many micro preemies have poorly developed intestines, so it can take a good bit of time before they can start to eat, which means their digestive tracts are more likely to pop open and spill their contents all over the place.  Not pretty.  Two of your neighbors were born a little bit further along then you were, but it took them a month before they ate even a milliliter of milk.  But you?  You hit the buffet right out of the gate.

As of now, you are almost capped out on the amount of milk you can eat, at your size.  Your gut is even iron clad enough to start “fortifying” your mothers milk because, sorry honey, you are still pitifully skinny.        

If only all that stomach progress would translate to lung progress.  You’re lungs have sputtered and stalled out the past few days, even reversed their progress.  Still, good nutrition means the growth of new lung tissue, so I'm hoping you won't pass up any free meals.    

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