Monday, February 10, 2014

One Step Forward, Two Steps Sideways

Today wasn't really a good day or a bad day.  It was more of a"hm..." day.  Yes, your ductus artereosis closed, but it *might* reopen.  Your little bleeds are getting better, but *might* be a problem later.

The most consequential development involved the ventilator.  Currently, because your lungs are so incredibly weak, they have a tube delivering the oxygen directly to your lungs (along with a lot of pressure to keep things inflated).  Unfortunately, the endo-tracheal tube is known to be a vector for lung infections and, worse, damages the lungs as well.  Today, you yanked the tube out of your throat so the doctors thought they might as well try some other method of delivering oxygen to your lungs (in this instance, a delivery system through the nose called a CPAP).  This didn't last for long.  At nearly maxed out settings, your blood oxygen levels bounced all over the place.  In three hours, they stuck the endo-tracheal tube back down your throat.  Because they don't want to give the ductus artereosis any excuses to pop open again, they won't try taking you off the endo-tracheal tube again for some ambiguous period of time.  The most important milestone to hit at the current time is to get you off that tube for good, but for now, there is only more waiting.

Overall, I'd say you are in decent shape.  Things could be far worse and, in fact, I was expecting them to be at this juncture.  If we could just get you into that whole "breathing on your own" thing, then we could do some breathing too.  Breathing sighs of relief, that is.


  1. Dear Ellie,

    Looks like Mom and Dad got a photograph of your sweet face before you were put back on the ventilator. It's nice to see a preview of your mouth and nose. So amazing to watch you develop before our eyes.

    Love you!

    Grandma Smith

  2. This was actually the only photo we saw where her mouth wasn't gaping open. It was kind of creepy. I kept asking the nurse, "Uhhhh, is her mouth supposed to be open like that??"

  3. This is a great shot! I think I see Rani's chin in Ellie, but she definitely has the Smith eyebrows. Your auntie andie loves you Ellie.

  4. Such a precious picture...she looks so concerned!! Proof right there that she is fighting the battle hard! She is strong!!! I feel so much love for her!!! Go Ellie!!!